Mandera Leaders Sensitize Community On Insecurity

The leaders are meeting locals in a bid to combat insecurity threats facing the county.

The leaders were led by Governor Ali Roba, Senator Billow Kerrow and county Mps who have been meeting with locals and security officers for the last two days in an effort to map out a way forward in securing the county.

The county leadership made an appeal to the locals to play their role in fighting insecurity in the area.

The leaders also urged the locals to play their role in ensuring that Al Shabaab militia groups in the county are exposed.

Senator Billow Kerrow appealed to the government to talk to the workers unions saying that it will give a bad picture if public servants run away from Mandera.

He called on the government to come up with the security measures that will be taken to ensure their safety.

The sensitization meeting comes shortly after at least 20 health centres were closed and 50 workers left the county following the two attacks in November that saw the killing of 64 people by Alshabaab militants in the county.

The de -radicalization meetings are expected to go up to the grassroots level in order to sensitize the locals.

By Rehema Juma