Man warned against stalking, threatening his wife

Man warned against stalking, threatening his wife

An Embu court has issued stern warning to a man accused of threatening and stalking his wife, who is suing him over gender violence.

Patrick Njeru, who is a head teacher at Rianguu Primary School, was arraigned for being violent towards his wife, with the prosecution opposing bail due to the threats he issued to his wife.

State Counsel Vincent Omwenga further opposed the bail term for the accused saying that despite him being presented with an affidavit he failed to produced it in court.

The state counsel told the court that the prosecution was not able to secure the affidavit in time but would be applying that the accused be given bond with conditions.

The accused, through his lawyer Duncan Muyondi, however denied that he had issued such threats.

Njeru is being charged that on 30 July 2016 at Gatondo Village in Mbeti North he unlawfully assaulted Brace Mwingi Njeru, causing her bodily harm.

He was released on Sh50,000 bond with surety of a similar amount or cash bail of Sh20,000 with condition that should he threaten his wife or any witness the bond terms will be canceled .

The case is now set for hearing on 12th September 2016 with a mention on August 23, 2016.