Man sodomises 8-year-old boy in Bomet

Man sodomises 8-year-old boy in Bomet

Police in Bomet County are looking for 25-year-old man who allegedly sodomised an 8-year-old boy on Wednesday evening.

Confirming the incident, Area Chief Joseph Cheruiyot said the suspect Robert Koech waylaid the boy as he was heading to the shop.

He then allegedly took the boy to his house situated along the walking path and sexually assaulted him.

“The boy delayed from the canteen and his parents got concerned about it, his mother tracked the route only to find the young boy coming out of the suspect’s house,” said the chief he said.

He was rushed to Chebunyo Health Centre where it was confirmed that he had indeed been assaulted.

The suspect is reported to have escaped after the incident. He is also alleged to a have previously sodomized a 12-year-old but the incident went unreported.