Man seeks justice after daughter among 4 minors forcibly put on contraceptives

Man seeks justice after daughter among 4 minors forcibly put on contraceptives

A family in Kakamega County wants action taken against a local health facility and some of its doctors after their teenage daughter was duped and given a contraception injection on the arm without parental consent.

According to the girl, they were led to the Emusanda Health Facility in Lurambi to receive sanitary towels only to be injected with the contraceptive.

While investigations are underway, and the said doctor yet to be arrested, the family is already being threatened by a number of villagers for filing the report at the police station.

For the last few days, Mzee Donald Indimuli has not only been worried about his safety but also that of his 14 year old daughter; all this due to a family planning jab his daughter was given without his consent.

“Nimeanza kupokea vitisho kutoka jamii baada ya kuripoti kesi…. Leo nimeenda polisi kureport the same juu ya vitisho na sieleiwi shida ni gani na hii shida ya familly planning,” Donald Indimuli told Citizen TV.

According to Mzee Indimuli, his daughter was among three other girls – aged 16, 15 and 12 years – who were escorted by a community health worker to the health facility under the pretense that they were to be given sanitary towels.

“Nlikuwa barabarani nkichunga ngombe aunty Getrude akasema twende, nikatoka kwa barabara tukiwa na wenzangu tukaenda, kufika huko, wakasema twende kwa kitanda wakatudunga na kusema hii ni family planning,” said the girl.

She added that the community health worker is known in the area and is also a family friend, therefore there was nothing suspicious about her request as she assumed that whatever could have happened, her parents would have known about it.

The contraceptive injection on their hand she says, they were told was to protect them from unwanted pregnancy for three years.

“Walianza kuuliza wangapi wako na more than ten boys, mimi nikasema apana sina wengine wakasema wako na wawili wengine mmoja, wakatuambia tunaweza kuwa na two boys ndio ukikosana na huyu unaenda kwa huyu,” narrated the minor.

The situation has now angered parents whose daughters were part of the unwarranted injection.

“Serikali itusaidie watu kama hawa wapewe adabu ju wanaharibu watoto,” said Philip Andabwa, another parent.

Kakamega Central OCPD David Kabena said “kuna daktari ambaye tunasaka, ndo atueleze nini ilifanyika siku hiyo.”

Mzee Indimuli’s daughter has since had her contraceptive removed at the same facility soon after they reported the matter at the Kakamega Police Station.

The whereabouts of the other three girls is yet to be known as they disappeared when they heard their statements were needed by investigators.

For Mzee Indimuli however, the threats will not make him cower to the demands of a few people who he says want to destroy the lives of young girls in Lurambi, Kakamega County.