Man petitions MPs to legalize bhang

Man petitions MPs to legalize bhang

A man has petitioned Members of Parliament to pass a law to legalize bhang.

Appearing before the National Assembly’s Health Committee, Simon Njoroge Mwaura, urged the legislators to legalize the prohibited substance, saying it is medicinal and its ban is based on ignorance.

“There is a component in bhang that can be used as a food supplement that can be used in food like a spice,” said Simon.

His petition, however, raised questions among the legislators especially the claim that the narcotic can be used a food supplement.

“The parameters are very vital and very important to the boosting of the immune system because if an individual is in pain after a surgery or something, the body needs that boost,” claimed Simon.

This is the second attempt after Jomo Kenyatta University of Science and Technology conducted a research on the benefits of bhang and miraa, a study whose findings has been endorse by the Pharmacy and Poisons Board.

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