Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Defiling a Minor

Man Gets 20 Years in Jail for Defiling a Minor

The man is said to have defiled the child, who is the daughter of his former lover.

It is alleged that the victim was left in the house by her mother who had gone to her office.

Bernard Muchangi was convicted by acting Principal Magistrate Samuel Mutai for defiling the girl on April 30th last year at Dallas Estate in Embu town.

The magistrate mentioned that all the witnesses whom the prosecution had lined up gave enough accounts to convict the suspect.

The court ruled that despite the felon being a first offender, he understood the gravity of his actions and that a stiff sentence had to be issued as dictated by the sexual offense act No 3 of 2006.

Mutai reiterated that for the offender to learn a lesson and to never repeat the crime he had to impose a long custodial sentence on him.

The convict had earlier begged for mercy alluding that he was the sole bread winner of a young family and that if he went to prison his family would languish but he did not succeed.

The witnesses told the court that the mother of the plaintiff was an ex lover to the convict before being jilted.


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