Man attempts suicide after stabbing lover to death

Residents of Isiolo Town woke up to a shocking spectacle on Tuesday, September 26 after a middle aged man stabbed his “lover” to death at a night club in Isiolo.

According to eye witnesses, the lady is reported to have spent the evening with the accused at the club making merry before the incident occurred.

Somee Lokiran, the security guard at the club told Citizen Digital that an argument ensued after the lady allegedly declined the man’s advances prompting him to draw the dagger, stabbing her severally.

The barmaid on duty also sustained serious injuries after she attempted to rescue the victim and was rushed to a nearby hospital.

The attacker later on stabbed himself several times in a seemingly suicide attempt, but was rushed to hospital bleeding profusely and in a reportedly bad state.

Area residents have now called for the closure of the entertainment spot citing recklessness in their security measures following the attacker’s access into the club carrying a weapon.

They further called upon the youth to shun from violence and instead participate in constructive ventures.