Magoha: Lack of sanitary towels not reason for teen pregnancies

Education CS George Magoha has dismissed claims that teenage pregnancies are on the rise in the country due to lack of sanitary towels.

He slammed the parents who blame the rising case of teenage pregnancies on the Government’s delay in distributing free sanitary towels to the school girls terming it as absolute hogwash.

“As parents and grandparents the responsibility starts with me. I can assure you that we were 8 boys and 1 girl who did not know that my sister was having menses because my parents took absolute control. Parents must take their responsibility as government does what it does. We have to take charge of our children. So when you hear somebody saying that I gave in because of sanitary towels that is one of the most stupid reasons that I would want to hear myself,” he said.

Prof. Magoha was speaking during his tour of schools in Bondo and Rerieda sub-counties to check their level of preparedness for reopening.

He insisted that the government is also doing its level best to ensure that the school girls have continued to receive the sanitary towels even now that they are still at home.

“I gave my word to the President that I shall ensure that sanitary towels are produced at a competitive price by going to the factories then we packaged the towels in packages for 8 months and they were sent to the public. By the time people started making noise 80% of the sanitary towels had reached girls. Where they were caught in the process because of the inefficiencies in the system we decided to wait because we thought we were going to open early. We have since decided that the towels in those few areas should be taken to the children. They have been taken and they are being taken as we speak,” he said.