Magistrate castigates Embu residents for rampant mob justice

Magistrate castigates Embu residents for rampant mob justice

The Embu Principal Magistrate Robison Oigara has raised concern over the rising number of cases of mob justice victims who are dragged in court before they recover from their injuries.

According to Oigara, the number of suspects being arraigned in court after a mob justice is worrying because the suspects are being subjected to double justice.

He is now calling on security agencies to arrest anyone found to have taken part in mob justice, adding that the country is governed by rule of law.

Oigara insisted that irrespective what one is suspected to have done, he/she still has their rights, adding that using the law of the jungle in the country is not acceptable.

The magistrate was reacting to a case where a rape suspect was carried into court by his fellow inmates as he was not able to walk after he was attacked by residents of Kangaru Village for allegedly raping a 100-year-old granny.

Oigara said that the suspect should have been arrested and handed over to the police instead of being stones, adding that those engaging is such acts should be arraigned for causing bodily harm to the suspect.

The magistrate has since ordered that the suspect be released on personal bond and a letter from his area provincial administrator in order to access medical services before his case commences.