Madaraka Day fete in Embu turns to a political contest

Madaraka Day fete in Embu turns to a political contest

The Madaraka Day celebrations in Embu was turned into a political contest after gubernatorial candidates led by Senator Lenny Kivuti mobilized their supporters to the Moi Stadium in a show of might.

Embu gubernatorial aspirants, Martin Wambora (incumbent), Kithinji Kiragu and Lenny Kivuti rallied their supporters while presenting their nominations papers to the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC).

The supporters of the various leaders donned their respective party colours turning the event to a ‘colours competition’.

The presidential speech read by the County Commissioner had to be halted when Senator Kivuti stormed the venue with his supporters singing praise songs in his favour.

The County Commissioner, Esther Maina, had to stop severally to wait for the crowd to settle.

Ms Maina issued a stern warning to the leaders and residents that it was disrespectful to cause a stir while the President’s speech was being read.

She said that the law has empowered her office to take disciplinary action against those who disrespect the presidency adding that the speech contains national message that ought to be delivered to the residents.

Maina urged politicians to refrain from attacking each other and make their cases to the electorate who will make the final decision on who becomes the governor on August 8 when Kenyans go to the poll.

She warned that security agents will not hesitate to arrest anyone out to cause chaos during the campaign irrespective of status in the country.

The County commissioner was forced to end the celebrations without speeches from leaders who had attended the event.

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