Lorry Kills 30 Sheep in Isinya

Lorry Kills 30 Sheep in Isinya

The owner of the livestock Jeremiah Lenkese is now counting losses and has called on the government to intervene and ensure he is compensated.

After the incident, veterinary officers visited Isinya town to inspect meat being sold to avoid unsuspecting customers from being lured to buying the meat from the dead sheep.

According to the officers from veterinary research laboratories, suspected meat from the dead goats was being sold in butcheries.

The officers said that they had toured the Isinya slaughter house to verify the quality of meat being sold to butchers.

The veterinary officers also sensitized area residents on the importance of eating inspected meat to avoid food poisoning.

They have further urged members of the public to be cautious and report any cases of suspected sale of uninspected meat. 

The driver of the lorry is still at large as he fled the scene immediately after the incident.

By Tom Omulo.