Likuyani MP Kibunguchy says two political rivals want him dead

Likuyani MP Kibunguchy says two political rivals want him dead

Likuyani Member of Parliament Enock Kibunguchy has revealed that he knows the individuals behind the attempt on his life that left his driver dead.

Speaking to the press on Monday, Kibunguchy stated that he was aware of at least two high-profile individuals that could have been behind the botched assassination plot on his life.

“Personally, in my heart, I blame two people; I will not mention their names now but will reveal their identities in due time. I blame two people for causing the death of an extremely innocent person,” he said.

The legislator further intimated that the said individuals are among a host of wealthy individuals with vast interests in a forest in the region and/or his parliamentary seat.

“I want to say that even if you kill Kibunguchy, you will never be Member of Parliament for Likuyani,” said Kibunguchy.

“There are some people with interests in our forest, and I’m putting them on notice, even if you kill Kibunguchy you will never get this forest. This forest belongs to our people, not to a few wealthy individuals.”

While mourning his late driver as a jovial fellow who had no qualms with anybody, the MP dismissed any claims that the incident could have been a case of robbery gone wrong.

“It was not robbery, it was targeted assassination. If it was robbery then why did they flee with the car only to later abandon it on the road? Why didn’t they inspect and make away with the contents of our pockets if it was robbery?” posed Kibunguchy.

The MP’s driver was shot in the head on Sunday night at Soy Highway Motel along Eldoret–Kitale road by the gunmen who later fled in the legislator’s car.

Investigations are currently underway into the 11pm incident.