Lead the fight against graft, Wabukhala tells Christians

Lead the fight against graft, Wabukhala tells Christians

The head of the Anglican Church of Kenya Eliud Wabukhala has called on Christians to be on the forefront in the fight against corruption.

Speaking in Nakuru on Saturday during the commissioning of an ultra-modern shopping mall, Wabukhala urged Christians to desist from taking part in corruption so that they can be emulated by others.

“Corruption is impacting negatively impacting the economy of this country through the loss of funds – moneys that would otherwise be used for development. As Christians we ought to take charge and avoid corruption,” he said.

Wabukhala noted that if Christians were to set a good example, it would encourage other people to turn away from the vice.

He further urged government officials to stop squandering public funds. He accused most government departments of hiking prices of various items and pocketing the extra cash.

The clergyman called upon relevant authorities to take action against such kind of corrupt officials regardless of their social or political status so as to tame the device.

Corruption cases have been on the rise in Kenya, with top government officials being named in multi-million shilling scandals.