Latest Kenya Power postpaid billing scandal linked to cybercrime

Latest Kenya Power postpaid billing scandal linked to cybercrime

A day after the Directorate of Criminal Investigations announced that 204 individuals and organisations are under investigations over the Kenya Power postpaid billing scam, the company has shifted the blame to its employees.

In a brief one-page statement, Kenya Power sought to distance itself from the shocking revelations of overcharging customers for almost four years now in a fraud case involving millions of shillings.

“Late last year, Kenya Power received information from some customers and members of the public on fraudulent activities targeting unsuspecting customers. We immediately commenced investigations on the alleged fraudulent activities which have since been completed,” Kenya Power said on Friday.

The company insists that it is through their intervention that the DCI got wind of the criminal activities with damning allegations that some 5000 brokers and even customers benefitted from the scam.

Kenya Power further noted that the criminal activities were cyber-crimes.

However, the DCI’s statement did not indicate who instigated the probe that will now see the 204 suspects interrogated on various dates from July 1-July 25.

It only listed those who have been summoned to the DCI Headquarters Investigations Bureau and identified them as Kenya Power Staff, brokers and customers.

Some of the notable companies in the list are Moi University Campus (North Rift), Safaricom Investments Co-op Society Ltd, Nairobi Womens Hospital, Uchumi Supermarkets (North Rift), Holy Cross Fathers (Nairobi North) and Dandora Catholic.

Others are Sasini Coffee House Limited, Turbo Highway Eldoret, Eldoret Polytechnic, Franscisca Sisters of Anna (West Kenya) and Seventh Day Adventist Church (South Nyanza).

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