Latest golf simulator launched in Nairobi

Latest golf simulator launched in Nairobi

Members of the Kenyan golfing community have an extra reason to smile following the installation of the latest golf simulator in the country, the newly built Nairobi Golf Simulator.

The simulator will provide an extra taste of indoor golfing in the country with the facility also set to serve as a practice and training center featuring state of the art club fitting done with Industry leading Foresight GC2 simulator.

Avid golfers can now play their favourite sport at a quite environment while even taking a drink at the fabulous Rosslyn Rivierra Mall along Limuru Road in the capital.

The facility also provides a high class private and conducive environment for any golfer to practice his or her game all year round.

Winnie Ngethe, a golfer who picked up the game while living in Washington State, USA and the mind behind the unique project said that one person can play 18 holes in 45minutes.

Although not the first simulator to be introduced in Kenya, the facility at the Nairobi Golf Simulator is the first golf clinic of its kind not only in Kenya but also in East Africa.

The only other African country with similar facility is South Africa and Togo.

The Nairobi Golf Simulator now says the golf clinic will provide golfers and aspiring ones with a simulation and launch pad for social game play in virtual world class golf courses and driving range.

Here, a golfer can have lessons game analysis, club fitting, and ball fitting, done by our golf specialist.

” Our golf studio presents the golf market with new and exciting concept of all-weather practice which will improve overall performance of golfers…With an indoor virtual putting green and a real turf putting, we will benefit our golf professionals as they prepare for such tournaments, like the forthcoming Karen Masters,” said Winnie.

Winnie further noted that scores of Professional Golf Association (PGA) professionals discovered how best to use the Foresight Sports, a leading launch monitor technology, which provided to be a game changer.

Foresight Sports golf simulator is the industry leading GC2 launch monitor which uses a stereoscopic pair of ultra-high speed cameras to directly measure the movement of the golf ball at impact.

The GC2 takes up to 26 images of the golf ball in the initial 12 inches of ball flight and directly measures.

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