Lands CS Karoney: Ardhisasa is the ‘mercedes of deployment technology’

Lands CS Karoney: Ardhisasa is the ‘mercedes of deployment technology’

Lands CS Farida Karoney has termed the recently-launched Ardhisasa land management system as the ‘mercedes of deployment technology’.

She said the security and operational protocols employed during its development will ward of quacks and fraudsters.

“We have built a very safe and secure platform with highly encrypted data, making it one of the most secure systems ever developed. Ardhisasa will restrict transactional powers to professionals registered with their respective bodies, and prompt users and professionals to demonstrate fidelity to the law,” the CS said.

She was addressing members of the Institution of Surveyors of Kenya (ISK) and the Association of Licensed Land Surveyors of Kenya (ALLSK) in Nairobi on Thursday.

CS Karoney said that the system was developed with strict adherence to the law and would therefore not allow for illegal transactions.

She stated that, unlike the manual system that had loopholes which impersonators, fraudsters and middlemen capitalised on to solicit bribes, the digital system upholds the integrity of the process and sanctity of the title.

CS Karoney further stated that Ardhisasa offered a local solution to local land problems since it had been developed by ‘Kenyans for Kenya’.

“Ardhisasa has been built by a team of young Kenyans and is therefore 100% copyrighted to the Government of Kenya. This means that, should there be need to adjust the system to incorporate certain agreeable proposals by stakeholders, we can easily do so, at zero cost.”

On their part, leaders of the two institutions – ISK and ALLSK – voiced their support for the digitalisation programme saying they will work with the Ministry to ensure the successful implementation of the land reform agenda.

They said they had had a front row seat to the journey that the Ministry had taken to get to the point of launching Ardhisasa, and would support efforts to expand the programme to every part of the country.

“We have been following the process of digitalisation and we are encouraged by the efforts that you have made to ensure this project is a success. We look forward to working together in making Ardhisasa a perfect system,” ALLSK chair and former NLC Commissioner Abdulkadir Khadif told CS Karoney.

ISK chair Abraham Samoei said: “I wish to thank CS Karoney for the reforms that are taking place in the lands sector; I call on Kenyans to embrace Ardhisasa and understand how to use it so that we can move forward together.”

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