Kwale gets a 25-year transformation plan

Kwale gets a 25-year transformation plan

The Shelter Solutions Ltd (SSL) in partnership with the Coast Development Authority (CDA) has launched the first phase of Shimoni Integrated Development Project (SIDEP) in Kwale, a twenty-five-year project meant to revolutionize the economy of the county.

The Ksh 10 billion mega project majorly intends to utilize on Desalination Technology to generate 10,000MW of cheap power, which will in turn be used to boost the mining and mineral processing industries in Kwale.

Additionally, Desalination Technology will be used to produce 5,000,000 cubic meters of Indian Ocean water on a daily basis, to be used for irrigation purposes to better the food security of a region that has been affected by drought over the years.

“The Agricultural produce will then be processed in an Industrial Park to be developed at Gazi for local consumption and Export,” read a statement.

Owing to the poor transport and communication infrastructure in the region that could hinder the goals of the project, the first phase of SIDEP will focus on what they term as “modernization of the county’s entire Road Network” with a leading road contractor from China, Wengfu Engineering & Contracting Co., already been engaged in this.

“We are set to build the most modern roads seen anywhere in Africa that will serve the County for the foreseeable future. These roads will be modern dual Carriageways outfitted with all the necessary infrastructure support systems for carrying data connectivity. They will be lit using green energy Solar Power. A total of 340,000 LED Solar lights with integrated CCTV cameras will be installed along the 1,809km of the First Phase greatly enhancing the security of the entire County,” said the SIDEP organizers.

In an event graced by Kwale Governor-elect, Salim Mvurya, and Lunga Lunga MP-elect, Khatib Mwashetani, the local leaders lauded the project as a breakthrough to a region that has been sidelined since independence in 1963.

“One of the biggest beneficiaries of this project will be the youth. But also it will promote the women with small businesses, traders who will be supplying materials, the educated and also we leaders. This will elevate Kwale as an economic hub,” said Mr. Mwashetani.

CDA is one of the six Regional Development Authorities under the Ministry of Planning and Devolution.