KOT bash Oguna after Miguna interview, stir memories of Alfred Mutua and Obama

KOT bash Oguna after Miguna interview, stir memories of Alfred Mutua and Obama

The heated exchange between Miguna Miguna and Rtd. Col. Cyrus Miguna on the JKL show has sparked memories of Alfred Mutua when he served as Government Spokesman.

The 45-minute interview saw Miguna criticise Oguna terming him as ‘unsuitable’ to speak on behalf of the Government particularly since he has not been enjoined in the case.

— Mohammed Ali, HSC (@MohaJichoPevu) January 8, 2020

This Oguna person is not qualified for this job! He cannot even spin anything! He is confused! Why do I need a Kenyan Visa to come to Kenya while I have a Kenyan Passport?” Miguna told the show host Jeff Koinange.

He was responding to Oguna’s statement that for him to be allowed to board a flight to Kenya he should present himself at an embassy and be issued with a visa.

Jeff: Can Miguna walk into an embassy and get a passport?

Oguna: Yes he can.

Miguna: I am not a fool I cannot walk into an embassy and get killed like Jamal Khassogi where nobody can see what is happening.

According to Oguna, the besieged lawyer cannot travel as any other passenger because he has a red alert issued against him due to his ‘unruly’ behavior.

Jeff Koinange then asked Oguna: “So, if Miguna goes to any Embassy and obtains a passport, does that stop him from being unruly?”

There was an awkward silence for a few seconds before Oguna responded:

“Over 3,000 Kenyans have applied for passports abroad and have been issued with them, why is Miguna not willing to do that?”

"Respondents to facilitate entry of the Petitioner … through the use of his National Identity Card, or his Kenya Passport in the form and state it was delivered by the Respondents to the High Court ."#jklive pic.twitter.com/6ZAbPTZzrX

— waikwa wanyoike (@waikwawanyoike) January 8, 2020

Miguna then retorted: “It is a shame that someone like Oguna represents Kenya! This shows why we are a failed state! It is sad that Oguna is employed and many Kenyans are still unemployed!”

Kenyans on Twitter took the conversation a notch higher, comparing Oguna to Alfred Mutua during his tenure as government spokesman.

— Deco Nur (@deco_nur) January 9, 2020

“Y’all remember when Dr. Alfred Mutua said ‘A junior senator in Illinois cannot teach us how to govern our country’😅😅,” Simon Wachiuri said.

Wachiuri was referring to a press conference in 2006 where Mutua referred to Obama, who was visiting Kenya, as “immature” and an opposition “puppet”.

“It is now clear that he was speaking out of ignorance and does not understand Kenyan politics. We earlier thought he was mature in his assessment of Kenyan and African politics,” Mutua told AFP.

“But we forgive him because it is his first time in the senate and he is yet to mature into understanding issues of foreign policy,” he said as quoted on the Independent Online.

— Pini_Man* (@RNgeno4real) January 8, 2020

On Wednesday evening, Oguna’s responses to Miguna during the JKLive interview seemed to bring back even more memories of Mutua.

“Please May Somebody Remind This Son of Alego, Cyrus Oguna We Had likes of @SpokespersonGoK Alfred Mutua who called Barrack Obama little Senator of Illinois and he ended,” Jacob Abere said.

However, according to one Ahmed Ali, Mutua’s alleged blunder did not cost him at all as he later rose to become Machakos County Governor.

By the way Alfred Mutua was also a government spokesman. So Oguna could also land a county somewhere. Don’t be so hard on him,” Ahmed Ali said on Twitter.

Charles Oddie echoed Ali’s sentiments saying: “Right now Cyrus Oguna is the govt spokesman but you don’t know what awaits you next, you will one day experience what Miguna is going through ask Alfred Mutua.”

Steve Jay then said jokingly: “The difference between Alfred Mutua and Col Oguna is that the latter is hardened. His hand can’t be held tightly.”

He was referring to Mutua’s claims that DP William Ruto and his allies threatened him with unspecified consequences for allegedly criticizing them.

Mutua, who recorded a statement at the Kilimani Police Station on December 16, 2018, said DP Ruto allegedly grabbed and held on to his hand and told him “you fellow, you have been attacking me very much…I must now crush you…I will crush you.”