Know these men? Police hunt for ‘rogue’ VIP escort officers

Know these men? Police hunt for ‘rogue’ VIP escort officers

Police are searching for two VIP escort officers who allegedly damaged a woman’s car in Nairobi.

The National Police Service has urged the public to report any information they have on the two men who had a Toyota Prado with registration number KCM 485Y.

“Some of these officers have in the past been engaging in reckless behavior & have been harassing other Motorists in the name of allowing their VIPs quick passage.

“This unacceptable behavior has not only caused anger and concern on the part of the motoring public but has also resulted to untold suffering and inconveniences.

“All officers on VIP security duties have therefore been instructed to stop this behavior forthwith; must therefore follow the highway code and obey the traffic law just like other motorists,” a statement from the police reads.

Reports indicate that the Toyota Prado vehicle was being driven on the wrong side of the road when it hit a motorist, Serah Gaitho, who then took to Twitter to express her frustration.

— National Police Service-Kenya (@NPSOfficial_KE) March 8, 2019

This is not the first time that officers on VIP security detail are being warned to adhere to traffic rules or face the law.

Three days ago, Inspector General of Police Joseph Boinnet issued a similar warning following complaints about VIP escort officers who ran a female motorist into a ditch on Langata road.


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