Kisumu city management bans burials in the CBD

Kisumu city management bans burials in the CBD

The Kisumu City management has issued a directive banning the interment of bodies within gazetted Central Business District (CBD) zones.

The notice has caused a stir among residents within the affected areas who decry lack of public participation.

The city management has however remained steadfast in the implementation of the directive, which is part of the larger Kisumu beautification project.

In the notice published on March 2, the city management has outlawed the interment of bodies in eight wards falling within the CBD area, namely: Mamboleo, Market Milimani, Sahurimoyo-Kaloleni, Migosi, Nyalenda B, Manyatta B, Railways and Kondele.

Residents who own land in these areas are now supposed to bury their kin either at the Mamboleo cemetery, the Muslim cemetery, or the Hindu crematorium.

“We have a cemetery in Mamboleo…we’re upgrading it….and we’re going to set up two more cemeteries next year. If you cannot bury in the ancestral home in the village, bury at the cemetery,” said Acting Kisumu City Manager Abala Wanga.

The notice further outlined the fees required for the allocation of space at the designated burial sites.

A section of residents have since called for a review of the cost, urging the city management to consider revoking the notice temporarily to allow for public participation.

According to Mr. Wanga, however, “there’s nothing like withdrawing the notice…Kisumu is emerging as a regional city, so what we’re saying is please stop burying in the city.”

The directive comes as the city management embarks on the implementation of the Kisumu beautification project funded by the World Bank through the Kenya Urban Support Program.