Kirinyaga residents defend Anne Waiguru from Ndathi’s onslaught

Kirinyaga residents defend Anne Waiguru from Ndathi’s onslaught

Over 1,000 Jubilee supporters held peaceful demonstrations in major towns in kirinyaga in support of governorship aspirant Anne Waiguru.

The demonstrators expressed their frustration with the current state of affairs in the county accusing current governor Joseph Ndathi of misappropriation of funds and mismanagement of county affairs.

“Kirinyaga county deserves a leader who is in touch with the reality on the ground and who will bring development in the county,” said Martha Waithera, one of the demonstrators.

“We believe that Ms Waiguru is best placed to bring development in Kirinyaga and alleviate the suffering of the people owing to her record during her time as Devolution Cabinet Secretary, including the relaunch of Huduma Centres and National Youth Service (NYS) across the country.”

The demonstration comes days after Ms Waiguru accused Ndathi of squandering billions of shillings meant for development, in the course of his current tenure.

Waiguru has upped her campaigns in the region as she seeks to win Jubilee nominations and the governorship race.

Meanwhile, Ms Waiguru held a meeting with friends and members of her family in Kamugumo to discuss her candidature.

Those present assured Waiguru of their support in the race for Jubilee ticket vowing to support her bid to be the second governor for Kirinyaga and the first woman governor in Kenya.