Kinyua-led security team warns politicians against inciting violence

Kinyua-led security team warns politicians against inciting violence

The National Security Advisory Council has warned leaders against taking advantage of vulnerable youth in pursuit of political interests.

Council Chairman Joseph Kinyua, who is also the Head of Public Service, said the situation has created fear, despondency and political uncertainty.

“NSAC noted that the country is experiencing growing political tension that is creating division and pitting sections of politicians and their supporters against perceived opponents. This situation is increasingly polarizing the country along ethno-political lines, and therefore undermining national cohesion, peace and security and derailing our transformative economic agenda.

His statement comes two days after youth barricaded the Kenol-Murang’a road ahead of Deputy President William Ruto’s church event in the area.

Two people were killed, several others sustained serious injuries and property of unknown value is said to have been destroyed.

Videos seen by Citizen Digital showed burning tires smouldering on the road, making it impassable for motorists.

On Wednesday, Mr. Kinyua criticised leaders saying unchecked utterances and political weaponization of public gatherings continue to undermine law and order within the country.

“This disregard of the law has triggered violent confrontations among different groupings, thus threatening national security,” he added.

Consequently, the Chairman announced that the National Security Advisory Council resolved that leaders intending to hold a public gathering must notify the Officer Commanding Station (OCS) of such intent 3-14 days before gathering.

They will also be required to be present at such meetings and help police in maintaining order, ensuring that they obey orders given by the OCS.

“They bind themselves of being peaceful and non-violent,” Mr. Kinyua said.

Those in attendance will be expected to exercise high degree of safety, meaning that they will be non-violent and keep to designated places of the public meeting.

They will be required to report to authorities instances of hate speech and ethnic contempt.

The council chairman urged Kenyans to respect freedom of expression of other people and not propagate socio-economic strife.

“All that address a meeting be bound to legal obligations,” he added.

Further, the council resolved that all media outlets are to be held responsible for content they broadcast or publish.

Content aired or published is to avoid tone that has ethnic content, incitement.

Mr. Kinyua also urged Kenyans to exercise restraint, authenticate source and credibility of messages before sharing on social media platforms.

“Administrators of social media platform are urged to moderate content while security organs are directed to enforce these guidelines,” he said.



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