King Kaka claims he was summoned to DCI as top lawyers blast Waiguru

King Kaka claims he was summoned to DCI as top lawyers blast Waiguru

King Kaka whose real name is Kennedy Ombima on Tuesday alleged that he had been summoned to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI).

This comes a day after Kirinyaga Governor Anne Waiguru threatened to take legal action against him should he fail to take down the controversial ‘Wajinga Nyinyi’ song.

However, according to Senior Counsel Ahmednasir Abdullahi, no one was defamed in the song.

I said and I repeat..I will give legal representation to King Kaka against ANYONE who sues him for the lyric Wajinga Nyinyi….UGLY, CRASS and LEWD commentaries on society are PRIVILEGED,” he said on Twitter.

His legal counterpart Kipchumba Murkomen replied saying public figures should not be too eager to rush to court.

“A few quotes from the Landmark US SC decision of NYT v Sullivan will suffice. 1. The maintenance of the opportunity for free political discussion …is a fundamental principle of our constitutional system. Justice Brennan,” Murkomen said.

Another top lawyer, Nelson Havi added: Let the Governor know that the ill conceived suit will be defended strenuously at her expense and costs. It is obvious how this will end. Once more, #IstandWithKingKaka.”

King Kaka released the Wajinga Nyinyi song three days ago and according to Waiguru, it is malicious and reckless as it implies that she is corrupt.

The demand letter from her lawyers cites the following lyrics:

“Ati Waiguru ako kwa office na story ya NYS tulishasahau

Biro moja alibuy 8 thao, biro tunanunuanga mbao

Either sisi ndio wajinga ama ako na marking scheme ya Accau…”

She also stated that King Kaka’s main motive of releasing the song was to increase his popularity, Twitter following and enhance the profits to be made from its publishing.

King Kaka has evoked mixed emotions online since the release of the song on December 14.

He talks about societal ills allegedly brought on by the ruling political class.

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