Kiambu residents decline gov’t help with water project

Kiambu residents decline gov’t help with water project

Residents from Munyu Sub-location in Kiambu County have dismissed efforts by the county government to assist with the Munyu water project claiming that the county government is not being transparent about their intentions.

“This water belongs to the people of this area and we have refused such an important resource to be exploited,” remarked Emmanuel Mwangi, a resident.

The Munyu water project is a community initiative funded by the public, but the county government has reportedly been trying to take control of the project, an issue that is not sitting well with the residents.

During a meeting called by the Kiambu County Government, Kiambu water minister, Esther Njuguna, said the county government wants to ensure that the project is properly managed in order to provide good quality water to the area residents.

“The water treatment needs to be done by qualified persons to ensure good quality water is distributed to the residents and also for the residents to receive the water at cheap prices so as to avoid being exploited”, she said.

The meeting, however, took a different turn when the angry residents began booing every speaker at the meeting claiming that the county government was trying to politicize the water project, a claim Ms Njuguna refuted.

The meeting was abruptly adjourned following the disruption.

Written by Velma Barasa