Kevin Omwenga murder: Chris Obure to spend 7 more days in custody

Businessman Chris Obure and his bodyguard Robert Bodo will spend seven more days in custody pending a ruling on their bail application in a case where they are charged with the murder of Kevin Omwenga.

The hearing of the bail application took place on Monday before Justice Jessie Lessit, who ordered the two accused persons be remanded until Monday next week when a ruling on the matter will be delivered.

The prosecution submitted that Obure and Bodo should be denied bail, arguing that the two could interfere with investigations and intimidate witnesses in the case.

“…additional evidence is still being collected by the investigators in this matter including data communication, bank records and business engagements and we depone that if the two are released before all this evidence has been collected and provided to court the likelihood of interference by the accused persons would be significant harming this process of accessibility to justice by the prosecutions and victims in this matter,” the court was told.

The prosecution further submitted that the accused persons are likely to abscond court if granted bail.

“…the accused persons having been charged with the offence of murder and knowing that if found guilty the punishment meted could be that of the death penalty are more likely abscond if released on bail or bond pending the determination of the hearing,” added the prosecution.

Obure and Bodo have been in police custody since August 22 when they were arrested in connection with Omwenga’s murder.

Bodo, who is the main suspect in the case, is accused of shooting Omwenga at Galana Suites in Kilimani using Obure’s firearm.

They were charged with murder last week and pleaded not guilty.