Kenyans are tired of old employed people telling youth to start own companies

The rate of unemployment in Kenya is very high with the Kenya Economic Survey 2019 reporting that it stood at 9.3 per cent last year.

The World Bank says Kenya has to create at least 900,000 jobs annually between now and 2025 to absorb the high number of youths joining the job market, according to the latest World Bank report.

Let me say that again for emphasis; “The World Bank says Kenya has to create at least 900,000 jobs annually between now and 2025…” so it is the height of insincerity for people who have practically been employed all their lives to open their mouths and ask the youth to rethink employment.

Ezekiel Mutua, the Chief Executive Officer of the Kenya Film Classification Board (KFCB) was on live television on Monday night where he gave a “motivational” statement saying: “We need to transition from the idea of holding papers and waiting for job interviews to creating the jobs ourselves.”

Ahh, such insightful words from a 52-year-old man who has been employed practically his whole adult life.

A quick glance at the KFCB website reveals that Mutua, who holds a PhD in Communication Studies worked at the Nation Media Group for nine years “rising through the ranks from a trainee reporter to a reporter and later an editor at the NMG” before he transitioned to government.

He has actually worked for two employers in his adult life; Nation Media Group and the Kenyan Government. Within the government, he has worked for close to ten state corporations; KFCB, Ministry of ICT (as Secretary of Information and Director of Information), KUJ, Brand Kenya Board, KBC, Media Council of Kenya and the Vision 2030 Secretariat.

A Tanzanian Member of Parliament recently blasted fellow legislators who love telling youth to create employment and did not hold back.

Vijana mnaawambia hawana ajira eti wajiajiri, wewe mwenyewe umeshindwa kujiajiri umeomba ubunge hapa unataka kijana wa mtaani ajiajiri. Wabunge wote hawa, tumeshindwa kujiajiri tukaenda kuomba ajira kwa wananchi; wengine maprofesa sijui na nini. Kijana aliyemaliza mwaka wa kwanza wamwambia nenda ujiajiri kule, vijana hawawezi kutengeneza ajira,” he said.

(You’re telling the youth to employ themselves and you were unable to employ yourself and sought employment as an MP… A young person who just finished first year you’re telling him/her to employ themselves, youth cannot create jobs.)

His comments were met with disdain from Kenyans united in disdain and led by none other than Dr. Willy M Mutunga, former Chief Justice, Kenya who called him “mjuaji” (smart pants)

Here are some of the comments.

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