Ken Okoth widow rejects DNA for disputed child, to present her own

Ken Okoth widow rejects DNA for disputed child, to present her own

Ken Okoth’s widow Monica has been given 14 days to file her own DNA results for the disputed child after she declined those presented in court two weeks ago.

According to her lawyers, their results are the ones that are genuine.

However, the late Okoth’s family say they accepted results that confirmed that the child was sired by the deceased.

Nairobi Member of County Assembly Ann Thumbi reportedly had an extra-marital relationship with the late Okoth and gave birth to a son.

However, during his funeral, the boy and his mother were prevented from taking part as the widow maintained that the child was not her husband’s son.

The body of the late Okoth would later be cremated in the wee hours of the morning at a ceremony that also excluded his mother.

Evans Olouch, a nephew to the deceased, told Citizen Digital that they were left out in an alleged night meeting that decided on the cremation.

He also intimated that ‘everyone’, including the mother and his wife Monica, knew about the existence of the child.

“As a family we knew about Ken’s son and anybody in the family who will say otherwise will be telling a big lie. The family knew very well about Ken’s son even Monica knew about this child so taking DNA samples was just a waste of time since Ken was in full support of his child,” said Oluoch.