KDF soldiers kill 21 Al Shabaab militants mounting ambush

KDF soldiers kill 21 Al Shabaab militants mounting ambush

Kenya Defence Forces (KDF) soldiers on Tuesday killed 21 Al Shabaab militants including a junior level commander, military spokesman David Obonyo has said.

In a communication to newsrooms, Obonyo said KDF launched an attack on the militants after one of them shot at KDF soldiers who were en route to Tabda from Dobley.

Al Shabaab junior commander Salad Bart is believed to have been in charge of the group.

“Following the shooting, KDF troops started patrolling the area to flush out Al Shabaab terrorists. At around 10AM, the troops engaged Al Shabaab terrorists who were attempting to mount an ambush along the road to Tabda,” read the statement in part.

“The fire-fight that ensued resulted in the killing of the 21 terrorists with no casualties on KDF. 17 AK-47 Rifles, 2 Rocket-Propelled Grenade Launchers, 5 RPGs and assorted ammunition were recovered after the incident.”

Obonyo further stated that KDF will remain vigilant and continue its efforts against Al Shabaab terrorists and their attempts to destabilise the region.