Kakamega teen hammers uncle to death over witchery claims

Kakamega teen hammers uncle to death over witchery claims

Residents of Shidodo village in Shinyalu Constituency, Kakamega County, are in sombre mood after a 17-year-old boy brutally killed his uncle over claims of witchery.

The teen is said to have attacked brother to his late father at his home yesterday night, before beating him to death.

Neighbors claim that the merciless boy attacked his late uncle using a hammer, which he used to hit him hard on his head several times, with the uncle succumbing to his injuries on the spot.

Confirming the incidence, Kakamega County Commander Tito Kilonzi said that police have launched investigation into the matter, and manhunt for the suspect.

Root cause of the murder

According to the villagers the two families neighboring each other were in a constant stand-off, with the widow and his 17-year-old son accusing the slain uncle of being the root cause for their downfall in life.

The two have on numerous occasions blamed the uncle for their unending troubles in the village, alleging that he has sought to black magic, popularly known as ‘Majini’, to disrupt their life.

The grand revelation

The boiling point of this long stand-off is when the widow recently sought after the services of a local magician to ascertain why so many problems were after she and her son.

‘Fortunately’ the ‘doctor’ revealed to the widow that it is the brother to her late husband that has been troubling them all along. She in turn revealed this detail to her son who decided to take law into his own hands.