Jubilee Party: Raphael Tuju is now conscious and in control of all his limbs

Jubilee Party: Raphael Tuju is now conscious and in control of all his limbs

The Jubilee Party through a press statement says that its Secretary General Raphael Tuju is now “conscious and fully in control of his limbs” following an accident along the Nairobi-Nakuru Highway.

The statement penned by Jubilee’s Communications Director Alex Memusi says that doctors have started weaning Tuju off sedation.

Tuju, has according to the statement, been under heavy sedation for the last 4 days to minimize the aggravation of the injuries he sustained from the accident.

His role at the moment has been taken over by the executive director who will be assisted by other directors until Tuju is out of the woods.

The CS, albeit one without a portfolio, was involved in an accident on his way to the retired President Moi’s funeral in Kabarak.

According to police, the accident occurred after a matatu tried to overtake a personal vehicle that was stationary.

The matatu driver is said to have got into the lane where Tuju’s car was coming from and there was a head-on collision.

Tuju was reportedly seated on the back left of his Toyota Land Cruiser while his driver rode shotgun.

The police report also indicated that Tuju sustained chest and abdominal injuries while his driver suffered a fractured hand.

Tuju’s bodyguard suffered a fractured foot.

They had been travelling to Kabarak for the funeral of the late Mzee Daniel arap Moi.

On Wednesday morning, Tuju’s family was airlifted from the Wilson Airport to the Kijabe hospital to go and be with him.