Jubaland President Madobe confident of win in August elections

Jubaland President Madobe confident of win in August elections

Somalia State of Jubaland is headed to the polls on August 24.

The outcome of this forthcoming election is crucial for peace and stability in the  Horn of Africa region which has over the years experienced turbulent times especially arising from terrorist attacks by the Al Shabaab militant group

Incumbent Sheikh Ahmed Mohammed Islam popularly known as Madobe or Blackie who fairly won the seat in 2013 is tipped to also win the 2019 elections.

Madobe is facing eight other opponents.

During his first term, Madobe led the Somali forces to recapture Kismayo from Al-Shabaab.

Throughout his term he has remained a formidable force against the militants and his countrymen see him as the beacon of hope for victory against the forces of terrorism.

Once re-elected Madobe has promised to continue pursuing the islamist militants and to also put an end to youth radicalization.

His re-election is seen as a guarantee for sustainable peace not only in Jubaland, but also in Northern Kenya and Southern Ethiopia, which have suffered terrorist attacks and continued youth radicalization by Al Shabaab.

Madobe is a scion of the Ogaden sub-clan and has been endorsed by both Ogaden and Marehan and Ogaden elders, including the Awilyahan, Abduwak and Abdalla.

However, Somali President Mohamed Farmajo, is actively mobilizing Marehan elders along clan lines to defeat Madobe.

Also in the race are Abdinasir Seraar, who was Madobe’s former lieutenant at the Ras Kamboni Brigade, Minister for Transport and Civil Aviation in the Federal government Mohamed Omar and Mohamed Yusuf Aw-Dahir.