Jaramogi family was not a dynasty, Raila says

Jaramogi family was not a dynasty, Raila says

Orange Democratic Movement (ODM) party leader Raila Odinga has poured cold water on the hustler vs dynasty politics, saying his late father Jaramogi Odinga pulled himself up the ranks by the bootstraps.

He trained his guns on a section of Kenyan politicians who were peddling the narrative, accusing them of selling a fallacy.

The former Prime Minister went in on how his father-dirt poor at the time- was unable to fund his education and often relied on relatives.

He says Jaramogi at one time lived with a relative who paid his school fees because his father (Jaramogi) had given up on his education for lack of money.

Speaking in Kisumu during a golf tournament to commemorate 27th anniversary for Jaramogi, Odinga said even his tenure as a minister and vice president in the late Mzee Kenyatta government was a shortlived.

The hustler vs dynasty politics were sparked off by the DP Ruto wing whose allies have claimed that is time for Kenyan hustlers to rise to top jobs.

The wing claims that leadership positions in the country have been gobbled up by well-monied wealthy families who call the shots in the country.