Jailed doctors released with immediate effect

The Court of Appeal has signed consent for the release of the seven jailed doctors union officials after parties in the case by consent agreed to have them released with a view to continue with negotiations. The parties who entered the consent before three Appellate Judges; Wanjiru Karanja, Hannah Okwengu and Jamilla Mohamed, are now expected to come back to court within seven days with a comprehensive report with a view of calling off the strike. In their argument, the parties comprising of the Attorney General, doctors union and the Council of Governors asked for the release of KMPDU bosses to allow a conclusion of a return to work deal with LSK and KNHCR leading the talks. The appeal follows a ruling by the Labour and Employment Court Judge Hellen Wasilwa on Monday that said the KMPDU officials be jailed for one month for contempt of court. In the ruling, Judge Wasilwa said that the doctors failed to demonstrate to court any new and compelling issue or point out any mistake or error apparent on the record or any sufficient cause that would warrant a review of the court’s order. With failed attempts to resolve the 73-day doctors’ strike and some parties withdrawing from the negotiating table, Justice Wasilwa said that the court had no option but to effect the jail term. She effected the jail term after suspending it on two previous occasions to allow the doctors’ union officials to continue with negotiation. The case will be mentioned on the 23rd of this month.

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