It’s gloves off as Ndambiri fires salvo at his boss Waiguru

It’s gloves off as Ndambiri fires salvo at his boss Waiguru

Kirinyaga Deputy Governor Peter Ndambiri has told off his boss Anne Mumbi Waiguru accusing her of trying to hide behind politics to evade accountability.

According to Ndambiri, the governor must stop shenanigans of trying to pass her misdeeds and failures and be accountable to the county assembly and Kirinyaga residents in general.

“It’s their responsibility to play an oversight role for the Executive,” he said during a funeral at Mururi village in Mwea constituency.

DG Ndambiri also told the county boss to stop discriminative development since every MCAs has right for development in his/ her ward.

He lamented that elected MCAs who have been very critical of the governor has been denied development as a way to punish them.

Ndambiri has been at loggerheads with his boss since the country assembly commenced an impeachment motion that later flopped.

He stated that anyone who is suspected of having stolen or misappropriated taxpayers money should be held to account.

Ndambiri further accused Ms Waiguru of hiding under the guise of the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI) and Jubilee party politics to survive the impeachment.

He insisted that no person is above the law and anyone who steals public funds must be forced to return it.

Ndambiri was speaking for the first time since the impeachment process of Kirinyaga governor kicked off.

Speaking at the same function, Kirinyaga ACK church bishop Joseph Kibuchwa supported the DG saying the governor should allow accountability in her administration.