Igathe: We will end the city water scarcity

Igathe: We will end the city water scarcity

The Nairobi City County politics have now entered the homestretch with gubernatorial running mates defending their candidates and plans for the city.

Speaking during the Hot96 FM Jeff and Jalas Show on Tuesday, July 25, Polycarp Igathe, Senator Mike Sonko’s (Jubilee) running mate, Jonathan Mueke, Governor Evans Kidero’s (ODM) running mate, and Peter Kenneth’s Dan Shikanda, the three defended their candidates with each promising to deliver Nairobi to the promised land.

Among the most debated issue was the water scarcity that has hit the city leading to water rationing and hiking of prices by suppliers.

Igathe, Sonko’s running mate and a technocrat, said that the water shortage in the city will be a thing of the past once they take over city hall.

According to him, lack of clean drinking water for Nairobi residents has led to the rising cases of cholera and argues that they will work with all stakeholders to ensure even distribution of water as well as proper management of the same by the end user.

He accused the Kidero-led county government of failing to end water-hawking that is operated by cartels who lead to the shortage and contamination of the precious product.

“I am Mr. Fix it. That is what I have done most of my life,” said Igathe.

However, Mueke said that City Hall has done well in water management and attributed the current shortage to the prolonged drought that was experienced in most parts of the country.

Igathe also accused the Kidero-led government of having no proper account of assets claiming that much of the resources have been looted by top officials in the county government.

“With proper assets record, there will be reduced cases of public property loss including land grabbing,” added Igathe.

The former vivo boss added: “The account system in place is unreliable, delays in paying staff and has been questioned by the Auditor General.”

The leaders bashed the recent opinion polls pitching the incumbent and his main competitor on a neck-and-neck contest.

By Richard Manyala