Instagram users make fun of Trump-Buhari photo

Instagram users make fun of Trump-Buhari photo

President Donald Trump welcomed Nigeria’s Muhammadu Buhari, the first leader from sub-Saharan Africa to the White House nearly 15 months into his term.

The meeting’s tricky subtext was Trump’s broader view of Africa, including his description of some African nations as “shithole countries” during a private meeting earlier this year.

At the time, Trump denied making the comment and insisted to reporters afterward that he wasn’t a racist.

During a news conference on Monday, Trump made no such denial.

“You do have some countries that are in very bad shape and very tough places to live in,” he said. “We didn’t discuss it, because the President knows me, and he knows where I’m coming from and I appreciate that.”

On his part, Buhari insisted he didn’t know whether to believe press reports about Trump’s language. “The best thing for me is to keep quiet,” he said.

CNN Africa posted a picture of the two leaders on Instagram and asked users to comment.

Below are some of the responses:

“See! I’ve got black friends too!” Kelvin Bawa wrote on Instagram.

“That’s right sign over Africa to me…” one debuck quipped.

“I hope he’s not selling Nigeria to Trump,” one mista_industrious said.

Deji Kasa posed: “Wow! He (Trump) actually smiled? Must be the deal of a lifetime he’s getting from Africa!”

One Kakmosand said: “This is the first time I am seeing Trump smile with a real smile.”

“That feeling when you hand over all your minerals to your Colonizer,” an Instagram user called complexgent said.

And omohdoe added: “We got the oil….again!”

Additional reporting from CNN