‘If DP says he has the power to shut down BBI, that’s bad manners’ – Kamket

‘If DP says he has the power to shut down BBI, that’s bad manners’ – Kamket

Deputy Resident William Ruto has been criticised for disrespecting his boss Uhuru Kenyatta over the Building Bridges Initiative (BBI).

Tiaty MP Wiliam Kamket said that DP’s threats that he will ‘stop reggae’ for causing division in the country was a show of disrespect to the President who initiated the BBI after a handshake with ODM leader Raila Odinga.

“Someone says that he will stop BBI reggae which was initiated by the president and former prime minister, if deputy president says he has the power to shut down BBI let’s see, that is bad manners,” he said.

While speaking during a peace meeting at Lolmolk in Samburu central sub county, Mr Kamket asked the DP to be on the forefront supporting President Kenyatta’s agenda without question.

“As a deputy president, when the president says let’s turn right you should say ‘yes sir’ if he says jump up you should respond ‘how high sir?’ without questioning why,” he said.

Mr Kamket said that BBI is only meant to unite the country by ensuring Kenyans from all communities in the country are included in government.

However, he criticized leaders who during Maa BBI rally that was held in Narok County on Saturday went out complaining that their communities were sidelined.

He defended Narok Senator Ledama ole Kina saying: “They are living in Narok county as Kenyans but issues to do with community consultations on BBI was meant for the Maa community and Maasais had to speak about their issues during BBI community consultation forum and there will be another meeting in Nakuru for us from central Rift and Kipsigis to express our issues therefore I don’t see why people are protesting.”