‘I will not resign,’ vows Kiambu DG as tension with Waititu grows

‘I will not resign,’ vows Kiambu DG as tension with Waititu grows

Kiambu Deputy Governor James Nyoro has accused his boss Governor Ferdinand Waititu of threatening county executives with the sack if found associating with him.

Speaking at Sigona Golf Club after officiating the prize-giving of the Kenya Ladies Golf Union on Sunday, Nyoro said the county’s executive was operating in fear of the county boss.

“The county executive committee members are a frustrated lot. It is only that they cannot talk but they are working under fear. They are told if I see you in Nyoro’s office, you will find your official vehicle without wheels and then I sack you,” he said.

Speaking to Citizen Digital, a visibly irate Nyoro accused the self-proclaimed Baba Yao of running the county alone without even involving the county executive committee.

“What has been happening in Kiambu is a one-man-show. There has not been any consultation between the governor and the county executive members and, particularly, the deputy governor,” said Nyoro.

He further accused Waititu of barely holding any cabinet meetings, only regularly summoning county executive officers and giving unconstitutional directives.

“You have a person who calls individual county executive members asking them to do this and do that. So what has happened? All the controversial issues that we’re having today, including the Alcoholic Bill… the implementation of it… I want to be told what cabinet memo was done in order to be implemented,” said Nyoro.

The deputy governor accused Waititu of making numerous unilateral decisions, chief among them his recent directive to relocate the county dumping site from Limuru to Nachu in Kikuyu sub-county.

“I swear we shall not have a dumping site at Nachu. Over our dead bodies. Nachu is not a waste dumping site. Nachu is a dumping site of development,” he asserted.

Nyoro, a former food security adviser at the Office of the President, added that despite all the friction between the county boss and himself, he would not resign.

“I am not going anywhere. I was not appointed by the governor, I was not appointed by the assembly, I was appointed by the people of Kiambu who gave me the mandate to go on until 2022,” he said.