‘I will not go alone even if they bomb my house!’ Malala says police cut off his power, water supply

‘I will not go alone even if they bomb my house!’ Malala says police cut off his power, water supply

Kakamega Senator Cleophas Malala has now accused police officers of overstepping their mandate and authority in their attempt to arrest him on Monday morning, however vowing that he will not leave with the officers alone but only in the company of his lawyers and security team.

The officers reportedly camped outside the Kitengela home of the legislator from around 3a.m claiming they were sent by a superior to bring in Malala for questioning.

Speaking to Citizen TV on Monday mid-morning, Malala alleged that the cops cut off his power and water supply in order to frustrate and intimidate him into surrendering.

“From 3a.m to around 10a.m, they disconnected power and I was in darkness…they disconnected water…so it is very unfortunate that the police can go this low,” he said.

“We were pushing for police reforms, little did we know that these police reforms would be more detrimental than what they were in the previous era.”

Malala, at the time of publishing, remained locked in his house saying he would not come out for fear of his life until the officers allow him to at least be accompanied by his bodyguards and a lawyer to whichever police station they intended on taking him to.

The Kakamega Senator further urged Inspector General of Police Hillary Mutyambai to control his officers saying surrounding his house and disconnecting his power and water supplies were completely uncalled for.

“We would like to tell the IG to call his troops to order; this is uncalled for, it is undemocratic, unconstitutional and as leaders we’re condemning it,” said the vocal legislator.

“I don’t know where they will take me if I leave this house so they must also tell us…they should also allow me to be represented, I cannot go alone…I must have my bodyguards with me to whatever location we will be taken. I will not leave this house, even if they bomb this house.”

Malala termed the impending arrest as witch-hunt over his stand on the revenue allocation formula, further vowing to remain unbowed.

“We’re saying that even if they intimidate us to whatever levels, we shall stand for the rights of Kenyans, we want to be on the great side of history, we must have a win-win formula for this country,” he stated.

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