I will contest on JAP ticket in 2017, President Kenyatta

I will contest on JAP ticket in 2017, President Kenyatta

PSCU: President Uhuru Kenyatta now says all parties under the Jubilee Alliance must be dissolved and join the newly formed Jubilee Alliance Party (JAP) since this will be his vehicle in the 2017 polls.

The President said parties that are now part of Jubilee should start gearing up to join JAP before the 2017 General Elections campaigns kick off.

President Kenyatta spoke Wednesday when he met 300 Jubilee delegates from Mombasa and tipped them on how to ensure a smooth transition to JAP.

He said the best way is to share JAP leadership positions among political parties that form the Jubilee Alliance.

“Officials of every branch should comprise leaders from all the parties under the Jubilee alliance,” said the President.

He urged the delegates to attract more supporters for the party and not to oppose the inclusion of people from other parties in government.

“We have good faith and that is why we give jobs to people from other parties.”

President Kenyatta said “politics is a game of numbers’’, and every politician should understand that there is no other route to winning an election but more votes.

The President asked the delegates to take a responsibility in ensuring that the economy of Mombasa is turned around for the better. He said Mombasa’s economy is also important for the success of Kenya and the whole region.

“If Mombasa county succeeds, the whole country will succeed and the whole region will benefit because Mombasa is the gateway to the whole region,” he said.

He also asked leaders from the region to help women and youth  succeed in getting government tenders.

According to the Head of State, the first step is to educate women and youth on the processes to follow in tendering for contracts. The President told leaders to inform him if women and youth find it difficult to access government tenders.

“Of the money set aside for these tenders, not even a third has been spent. We want to see that money spent,” he said.

The Head of State also warned those in charge of ministries and other government agencies to ensure women and youth are awarded their rightful share of State tenders.

“If you do not want to open the gates (for women and youth to government business), you will have to get out of the way because there are many other people who can do your job.”