Governor: I did not ban miniskirts but…

Governor: I did not ban miniskirts but…

West Pokot governor John Lonyangapuo has refuted claims that he banned county’s female staff from wearing miniskirts while at work.

Addressing the press at his office on Thursday, Lonyangapuo said that he has not banned his staff from wearing miniskirts instead he gave a directive that county employees should dress “appropriately”.

“I am told that my directive on the code of dressing for county employees has generated debate among the staff. Well, I did not talk about miniskirts I just talked about dressing appropriately. If miniskirts are not appropriate, refrain from wearing them while at work,” said Lonyangapuo.

The governor played down any chances of the female employees dictating their own dressing code akin to the successful movement #mydressmychoice by Nairobi  women who took to the streets to protest against the stripping of women deemed to have dressed indecently by touts in 2014.

“You cannot come to the office wearing a miniskirt or a micro skirt for women or t-shirts for men,” said Lonyangapuo.

He said he will restore order because the situation has gotten out of hand.

“You cannot put on pajamas at work because there is the need to maintain professionalism,” said the governor.

This comes after the governor came up with a dressing code for the West Pokot staff on Monday,  October 9, saying most of the county officials were wearing ‘indecent’ clothes.

However, his dressing code is reportedly being resisted by the county’s female staff.