Hugs, apologies dominate National Prayer Breakfast

Hugs, apologies dominate National Prayer Breakfast

Politics was off the table as the country’s top politicians decided to turn the National Prayer Breakfast into a hug-a-thon as they sought forgiveness from each other.

President Uhuru Kenyatta led the way by asking the former Prime Minister to forgive him for anything he may have said or done during last year’s campaign period.

“We have campaigned against one other, we have said nasty things about one another, we hurt one another and on my behalf ndugu I ask for your forgiveness and I tender my apology,” said President Kenyatta.

Odinga condemned the bad blood that has long existed between not just the Kenyatta’s and Odinga’s but among Kenyans saying; “The division, the hatred and the tension that has existed between our people will end with us! Never again will another Kenyan die because of an election!”

Odinga then turned the tables on the president reminding him of an insult he directed at him during the hotly contested campaigns.

“During our discussions, he accused me of insulting him, I also told him he also insulted me, he called me ‘kimundu muguruki’ (a mad man), I apologise,” he said as the room exploded in laughter.

Kenyatta also caught his deputy off guard by handing him the microphone and telling him to apologise to Kalonzo.

“I thought you (President Kenyatta) were to do this on our behalf,” said Ruto. “So as my brother Uhuru Kenyatta has said and maybe I am the one most accused, I want my brother Stephen, on behalf of all our teams and following in the footsteps of our leaders, I want to ask for forgiveness and on my behalf, I tender my apology.”

Kalonzo followed suit and also commended President Kenyatta for his resolve to fight corruption.

“This resolve to fight corruption is absolutely unique and we stand with you as you make sure that we get rid of this ghost called corruption completely… My brother William, you are hustler number one, I forgive you and may God bless you,” said the Wiper leader.

Every speaker who rose to speak shied away from politics but instead chose to preach peace.

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