How two women lured man to guest house in Mwea then stole from ATM

A plot by two women to make a killing after stupefying an unsuspecting reveler in Mwea backfired after police disrupted their plan.

Grace Njeri and Evelyne Esendi aged 29 and 32 years respectively, are reported to have booked a room at Village Inn guest house in Mwea Easton Sunday.

According to the Directorate of Criminal Investigations (DCI), the duo lured their victim to a room at the guest house but left a few moments later.

“They had earlier been spotted leaving the room and proceeding to an ATM… where detectives believe some transactions were made,” the DCI said. “It is this suspicious move that attracted the attention of the CCTV controller at Nice Digital City, who immediately alerted police officers based at Wanguru Police station.”

The man who was found laying on the bed unconscious and is currently receiving treatment at Comrade Mission Hospital.

Tthe two suspects are still in custody and will be expected to appear in court to answer to stupefying charges.

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