How to check the high school 2019 KCPE candidates are selected to join

How to check the high school 2019 KCPE candidates are selected to join

Education Cabinet Secretary Prof. George Magoha on Monday morning officially announced the outcome of the 2019 Form One selection process.

The selection of 1,075,201 pupils out of the 1,083,456 candidates who sat this year’s KCPE exam took place in Naivasha, where a team from the Ministries of Education and ICT oversaw the process.

To check the secondary school where KCPE candidates have been placed, send the index number to 22263, which will cost you Ksh. 25 or log on to

According to the announcements made by Prof. Magoha at the Kenya Institute of Curriculum Development (KICD), 33,000 pupils were selected to join national schools next year.

A total of 184,000 pupils are set to join extra-county schools, county schools will have 188,000 and the sub county schools, which are the majority, will accommodate 669,000 pupils.

The Education CS revealed that the biggest challenge in the selection process was where certain candidates only selected two slots of schools out of the possible 11, thus the placement officials had to decide where to place the learners.

Concerning the issue where a pupil is placed to a school he/she did not select, Prof. Magoha said very minimal cases should be expected.

“In over 95% of the cases, you will find that the child was admitted to the schools in which they applied for but the biggest problem is for those pupils who only chose to select two schools yet there are 11 slots. When you have already committed suicide yourself, we shall select for you,” he said.

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