How Raila Odinga is enjoying the trappings of power

How Raila Odinga is enjoying the trappings of power

The latest BBI politics has revealed the inner workings of the relationship between President Uhuru Kenyatta and former Prime Minister Raila Odinga.

The ODM leader now appears to enjoy the kind of state power usually reserved for top government officials.

Analysts suggest that the president could be grooming Mr. Odinga for a specific role or he could merely be managing the politics of the moment.

With barely 19 months into the handshake with President Kenyatta, Odinga’s political life appears to have undergone a complete transformation.

Every meeting the ODM leader attends, paints the picture of a man at the centre of state power and influence.

Prof. Egara Kabaji, a communication lecturer at the Masinde Muliro University observes that Raila Odinga is now under heavy state protection.

When Odinga’s entourage made its way into the latest BBImeeting at the Bukhungu stadium, he was accorded an elaborate security escort complete with police sirens.

“The answer is obvious Raila is the defacto Prime Minister of Kenya and he is pushing this agenda on behalf of the President. It appears Uhuru and his inner circle are fully convinced that it is only BBI that can secure the future of this country and since Raila is pushing for BBI he is the defacto prime minister,” says Prof. Kabaji.

When Odinga alighted from his car at the recent BBI forum, he was received to a 50-metre red carpet, rekindling memories of his famous complaints of disrespect during the grand coalition government.

Police officers manned both sides of the carpet. At the dias, the sitting arrangement told it all. As armed police officers surrounded it to ensure no breach of protocol.

When Odinga concluded his speech, top security bosses in blue uniform were seen clearing the crowd as Odinga proceeded to his vehicle and guarding his way out.

All these trappings of power were also seen in the Kisii meeting last week where Interior CS Dr. Fred Matiang’i hosted the former premier for the Nyanza Region BBI summit.

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