Hilarity ensues after Safaricom blocks Kenya Police

Hilarity ensues after Safaricom blocks Kenya Police

There was comedy after the Kenya Police Service raised the alarm on realizing that Safaricom blocked their official account on Twitter.

This emerged after the Police were alerted of an alleged M-Pesa scam by a man identified as G. Gathigi.

“Robbers are on loose in Nairobi main streets mostly targeting young people,” he wrote on Wednesday morning and attached a screenshot of the claim.

It is alleged that his friend’s son was approached by an armed man who demanded to be sent money via M-Pesa.

To confirm that the amount the boy indicated was legitimate, the armed man apparently told the boy to show him the confirmation message on his phone.

The boy, fearing for his life, reportedly told his attackers that they could have his phone once he sent them money.

“So he gets an abstract and also goes to Safaricom and they say they wouldn’t know the number the cash was sent to,” the Facebook post reads.

In their response, the police tagged Safaricom asking Gathigi to give them more details.

However, one hour later, the Police realized that Safaricom had previously blocked them and no interaction would be possible.

Kenyans online were seemingly tickled by the morning incident with some poking humor at Gathigi and Safaricom.