Heretic woman arrested in Thika after children ‘disappeared’ for two months

Heretic woman arrested in Thika after children ‘disappeared’ for two months

Three children were rescued in Thika after their heretic mother allegedly disappeared with them from their home in Kariobangi.

According to the father Nahashon Mwangi, trouble began when his wife Ruth Wairimu joined a religion known to him as ‘Heresy’.

The Miriam Webster Dictionary defines a heretic as someone who differs in opinion from established religious dogma. They are usually a baptized member of the Roman Catholic Church but refuse to acknowledge or accept a revealed truth.

Mr. Mwangi told Citizen Digital that the wife insisted that her new religion did not allow the children to continue with education.

She also said she had been ordered to leave her matrimonial home and live in seclusion.

The man told Citizen Digital that on the day that schools closed for the August holiday, she allegedly disappeared with the children.

The two girls and a boy aged 12, 6 and 4 years respectively, were reported missing from Makongeni estate on July 31.

Mr. Mwangi narrated how efforts to find his family turned futile as his wife’s phone was turned off.

He later came to learn that they were living with his parents in law who had rented a house in Thika.

Mr. Mwangi sought the assistance of area chief Simon Kamau and together with police officers from Makongeni Police Station, they went in search of the children.

He intimated how he could not hold back his tears after they found the children in a room with no furniture.

They were taken to a children’s home in Thika and the wife arrested.

She is to be charged with denying the children their rights to education which is against the law in Kenya.

Area chief Simon Kamau said the children will remain at Macheo Children’s Home until the court rules otherwise.

By Gitau Wanyoike

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