Heavy rains leave trail of destruction as weatherman warns of more floods

Heavy rains leave trail of destruction as weatherman warns of more floods

Car dealers are counting losses after two trees fell on at least 10 high end vehicles at a yard on Ngong Road in Nairobi.

Heavy rains — that are expected to intensify across the country — left a trail of destruction over the weekend.

On Mombasa Road, near Imara Daima estate, motorists were forced to use only one lane with access to several offices completely cut-off by the raging water.

Some blamed the situation on the construction of the expressway saying contractors were spilling rain water from their site onto the road.

Others blamed the perennial flooding challenge on poor drainage in the area.

One matatu was forced to end its journey after the vehicle developed mechanical problems.

Anthony Mwangi, the driver of the matatu said: “Nilikwama kwa ile maji gari yangu ndio hiyo imeharibika hawa wachina wanapiga maji kutoka kwa hiyo shimo.

— Ma3Route (@Ma3Route) April 11, 2021

In Mukuru kwa Reuben, Charles Kerandi waded through water to get into his house after floods from the night long rains marooned the village.

Five families from this plot spent the night out in the cold.

Chakula tulikuwa nayo kwa nyumba yote imeharibiwa tumelala macho kama chura,” Charles laments.

Another resident, Rhoda Ambasa, said: “Mimi watoto wangu wanalala chini sasa mvua iliingia kwa nyumba watoto wakaniambia maji imetuingililia kweli kuangalia mattress yote imeloa maji kufika asubuhi nikapeleka watoto kwa jirani.”

Residents attribute this to the poor drainage system and ongoing road construction.

At least 1100 people have been affected by the ongoing floods across the country.

In Busia county, 600 people have been displaced while in Nyando, Kisumu county, 500 residents are yet to return to their homes due to floods.

And in Tana River County, 120  esidents have also been displaced.

The weatherman has warned that heavy rains are expected to intensify particularly in the Western region, Nyanza, Rift Valley and Tana River county.

The government has encouraged those living in flood prone areas to move to safe grounds.

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