Heated debate looms over Duale’s two-thirds gender Bill

Heated debate looms over Duale’s two-thirds gender Bill

A heated debate on the two-thirds gender bill proposed by Majority Leader Aden Duale is expected to take centre stage at the National Assembly.

Some MPs are lobbying for support even as others insist that there are other more pressing issues.

According to Nandi Hills MP Alfred Keter, Kenyans want those involved in the maize and fertiliser scandals persecuted and prices resolved.

“We want DP Ruto’s office investigated over the maize importation and brokers who were illegally paid instead of farmers. Stop telling us about 2022 politics and gender balance…..what balance? We are not balancing anything. Balance things to do with maize, fertiliser and roads first,” Keter lamented.

His sentiments come just two days after Deputy President William Ruto recently waded into the gender Bill debate indicating that some MPs who were opposed to Bill have now reconsidered their stand.

“I am happy that some MPs who have been difficult and opposed to the passage of the Bill including my friend Jimmy Angwenyi have now agreed to support it. I am optimistic that all will be well this time round,” said Mr Ruto.

Ruto said it is time that the leadership of the House avoid politicising the issue adding that: “Our women who form 50 percent of our country’s population deserve an opportunity to be enjoined in the leadership of our great nation.”

Lawmakers led by Kisumu County Woman Rep Rosa Buyu, Kiminini MP Chris Wamalwa and his Mathare counterpart Anthony Oluoch also hinted to some adjustments likely to be made to the Bill.

Though they did not go into details, it is expected Majority Leader Adan Duale will present the changes.

Oluoch was however quick to note though the Bill seeks to bring gender equality, it should have a set limit of operation.

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