Guns, guards and relief food: Governor Sonko causes a stir in Turkana

Nairobi County Governor Mike Sonko embarked on a humanitarian mission to Turkana to help starving Kenyans but he showed up with more than just relief food.

Mr. Sonko, caused a stir when he arrived under heavy security that included 10 heavily armed guards, a military tanker, police escort and six top-of-the-range vehicles – Toyota Landcruiser Prados, V8s, Lexus.

A video of the said trip has surfaced online of a convoy including armed security personnel alleged to belong to Governor Sonko.

Some of the Nairobi county boss’ security, according to the video, can be seen in military wear with even one military-like tanker forming a part of the convoy.

It is not clear if that is the standard routine for VIPs whenever they tour Turkana County which is constantly affected by bandit attacks especially at the border between Turkana and West Pokot counties.

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According to Sonko’s communications team, over 136,00 hunger-troubled residents have benefited from relief food being distributed by Governor Sonko.

“Sonko sent over 10 trucks of food stuffs, several other trucks of fresh drinking water, and other trucks were carrying fresh fruits, packaged milk, energy drinks and other assorted products for the hunger-stricken region,” read a statement from Sonko’s team.

A stand-by ambulance was also sent to the region to attend to those who have fallen ill due to the harsh weather condition in this part of the country.

Sonko is reported to have sent his donations to the six sub-counties of Turkana Central, Turkana East, Turkana South, Turkana North and Loima.

“The relief food is being distributed to several areas including; Kerio Delta, Lochwa, Kaptir,Loima, Gold, Lotikipi, Kamarese, Kerio, Nakukulas, Lojere Emoit, Kadeli and Katioko among others,” the statement reads.

“We have been to the ground, we have seen how Kenyans are suffering. We are not trying to play politics, but we are here to help them,” said Sonko.

Turkana Governor Josphat Nanok welcomed Sonko’s aid saying he is more than a friend.

“Sonko has shown us that he is more than a friend to us. The title of Good Deeds Ambassador that he was given is well-deserved,” said Nanok.

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